KeKe’s Publishing, LLC is a certified Ohio MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) and WBE (Women-Owned Business Enterprise). KeKe’s Publishing believes it is essential that all children see themselves reflected in literature. This is why KeKe’s has embarked on creating learning materials and stories that portray characters depicting a variety of diverse cultures. Our products, services, and books benefit both younger and older children.

KeKe’s is not your typical publishing company. We are committed to publishing a world of young readers creatively. Our motto is …” Innovative Publishing for a New Generation .” Despite a child’s background, language, race, or zip code, we are committed to ensuring that ALL children have a place at the table of opportunity to exercise the fundamental human right that empowers them to achieve their educational goals through learning to read.

Everyone has potential but not the same opportunities due to inequities, socioeconomic status, and demographics. However, your actions can overcome them all! When limits exist… Get creative!

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Book #1: Mama Means Business

Paperback front

Mama’s parenting skills are put to the test when Omari breaks one of the most important family rules, with help from his brother and sister. Mama is determined to show her kids who’s boss through her creative way of teaching them a lesson. But, even if Omari and his siblings learn their lesson, what will happen at Omari’s big football game tonight?

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Book #2: Mama Means Business & Daddy Too

Coming soon!

Book #3: This Baby Means Business


Learning should be fun! This book is designed to ensure your child will have a blast. This ABC picture book is full of colorful, creative images that introduce children to the sounds and letters of the alphabet. Learning about letters is one way to begin building early literacy skills.

Bonus: Vowel pages include two images representing both the long and short sounds. Color words are also found throughout the book.


These two-sided ABC flashcards are a fun way to prepare children for reading. They are great interactive instructional tools children will love. The beautiful illustrations and vibrant colors are sure to spark an interest in letter naming, recognition, and sound. Come join Madison in her learning journey!

flashcard sample